Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not exactly fraud - How To Prevent An Illicit Data Dump

I realize that this is not directly related to fraud, but with the news of hacking of sites to get passwords etc from RSA to credit cards, I decided to pass this on:

Dark reading has a good basic article on How To Prevent An Illicit Data Dump that is a summary of a research report that they did.
[Excerpted from "How to Prevent an Illicit Data Dump," a new report posted this week on Dark Reading's Insider Threat Tech Center.] The headline occurs almost every day lately -- a large enterprise or government agency loses a huge cache of data through the actions of an employee. Whether it's a malicious theft and posting, a la WikiLeaks, or an unintentional compromise of sensitive business information, the affected organization is put in a position of serious risk
 Now the report and article offer a lot of advice that can come down to setting proper rules and employee misconduct which can lead to data breaches or Telecom Fraud.

Set your rules, enforce them:

  • Set password rules
  • Monitor activity
  • Educate your employees